Your company’s corporate health depends on the breadth,
effectiveness, and depth of your talent management efforts

Accelerate Success in Your People

The Care sector in Australia is moving forward at a rapid pace as market demands create a the need for a more consumer-centric system. In order to address the challenges and provide care services in an efficient manner, care providers will need to access new technologies in their customer care and management operations.

The answer is not simply more resources, since resources are both scarce and finite. Instead, it is about making greater use of information and technology to help the entire organisation deliver high quality and accessible care. To meet future needs, investments need to be closely integrated to encompass the needs of providers and consumers.

SyncExpress4Care provides an out of the box HR solution enabling you to focus on cultivating a culture of success throughout your organisation. SyncExpress enables you to attract the right talent, align that talent to your company’s goals, and reward your top performers. The solution provides end-to-end hire to retire lifecycle support through an amazing core HR platform, all with a user friendly approach.

The SyncExpressHR solution can be deployed in days, ensuring that you fast track your HR journey, and it’s based on the leading HR solution SAP SuccessFactors. Self-configuration has been enabled through a unique next generation tool, SyncPilot, based on the leading user engagement and adoption solution WalkMe, minimising your upfront expenditure and accelerating your return on investment. 

SyncExpress4Care is suitable for business of all sizes, from small business to large enterprises. The solution grows with you, providing you flexibility to add functionality as your organisation's needs change.

Core HR & Payroll

The HR function is moving beyond automating processes, reducing costs, and compliance, to drive people decisions that grow the business. However, the majority of today’s HRIS solutions serve merely as filing cabinets for record keeping with no business impact. Siloed from talent, they prevent companies from making workforce decisions based on a 360 degree view of the employee. They also feature primitive analytics that provide minimal insights into the workforce and no support for workforce planning.  The SyncExpress Core HR Solution provides a central view of your employees with support for organisational data, personal data, time off and payroll data with full employee lifecycle process support. The solution aims to digitize and simplify your processes to improve operational efficiency and workforce insight, all whilst being legally compliant with all local requirements

Recruitment and Onboarding

In today’s highly competitive market, ensuring you have the best talent working for your organisation is key to success. This not only means processing new applicants and internal applicants quickly and efficiently, but attracting the right talent to your recruitment funnel. SyncExpress Recruiting is an end-to-end recruiting solution that couples recruiting marketing (for attracting and engaging top talent), recruiting posting# (for seamless posting to job boards) and recruiting management (for selecting and hiring the best candidates) to drive better business results. This unique combination creates a toolset that will make your recruiting function more strategic. Once that talent is identified, SyncExpress Onboarding will accelerate productivity of new starters and enable pre-start engagement.


Ensuring your people continually develop in the dynamic world of today will help deliver higher quality of services and products for your customers. SyncExpress Learning puts your employees at the centre of the learning experience, making them both teacher and student. Engaged employees will develop new skills, share ideas, and gain insights, making them more motivated and productive. Get formal, compliance-related training, informal self-directed and social learning, mobile learning, and extended enterprise training. Employees, managers, partners, vendors and even customers are all part of the learning process, and our solution focuses on one thing, the journey of continuous learning. And as an added bonus, access this tool from any device, anywhere!

Performance & Goals

Aligning your people to your business goals and objectives is part of Synchrony’s DNA. If your talent is not aligned to your desired outcomes, you risk not delivering the results required. A powerful Performance & Goals solution enables managers to align employee activities with organsational strategy and monitor the performance of achieving those goals. Performance being measured yearly or twice yearly is a practice that is fast being phased out as the focus shifts to providing team members with continuous, meaningful feedback and coaching, enabling companies to quickly adjust to the dynamic changing world and ensure that their employees are on track at any time of the year. SyncExpress Performance & Goals provides an intuitive user experience in addition to innovative capabilities such as continuous performance management and mobile device readiness.


Employee compensation is the largest expense for most companies, yet compensation planning that relies on e-mail and spreadsheets is error-prone, unsecure, and unproductive. Enabling managers to execute a pay-for-performance culture and improve budget accuracy is becoming the norm, not simply a nice-to-have feature. SyncExpress Compensation helps business leaders, compensation managers, and HR professionals dramatically improve budget accuracy and reduce risk by providing data to help managers determine who is truly high-performing and reward them appropriately. Base compensation includes merit based, promotion based, and inflation based adjustments, stocks and options, company and employee currency and senior management/executive editing.

Succession & Development

Having the right people in the right place to effectively execute on your strategy is quite a challenge. While HR needs to ensure that current leaders are in place and working effectively, it is equally critical to ensure a healthy pipeline of future leaders who are recognised, mentored and developed early to support company strategies. SyncExpress Succession & Development helps HR professionals identify and develop the talent needed to improve organisational strength and achieve today’s business goals, while providing visibility and planning for future growth. Succession & Development increases employee engagement, fosters professional growth and development, and maximises career opportunities for top talent, making your company the employer of choice.

What Do You Get?

- Deployed out-of-the-box at a global level with:

  • End-to-end H2R lifecycle support
  • Best practice swim lane processes for all modules
  • Built-in GPS-like support to enable user adoption and reduce support requirements
  • Templates for data migration
  • Prebuilt reporting catalogue

- Localised with country specific requirements including tax, pension and social insurance compliance

- Providing flexibility for client specific requirements which can be self-administered through our amazing wizard-based toolset