A Solution for Everyone

Every business has to run payroll for their employees, whether they have two employees or 200,000 employees. The challenge of ensuring that employees are paid on time, accurately and being legislatively compliant is common amongst all businesses.

SyncPay is our solution to the ever challenging environment of Payroll Management. SyncPay, along with the CoreHR Module of SyncExpressHR is a fully scalable cloud based solution that is designed to be used for everyone, everywhere. Our user friendly interface results in quick adoption with minimal training effort. With a simple implementation methodology that focuses on reducing time to go live, the solution allows you to realise business benefits in an accelerated manner, enabling your HR team to focus on strategic partnership rather than acting as a back office. 

SyncPay is localised across 41 countries around the globe including compliance with requirements such as taxes, social insurances, pensions and associated reporting.  Synchrony ensures that the solution is updated regularly to ensure legal compliance automatically. 

Our solution is compliant with security standards and provides full disaster recovery services, ensuring peace of mind from the outset. 

When bundled with one of Synchrony’s Service Offerings, SyncPay will enable you to focus on becoming a true strategic partner within your business, whilst Synchrony ensures that employees are paid on time and accurately.

Payroll Monitoring

SyncPay's three-click payroll process allows company's to move away from the batch-style processing to a continuous payroll process with real-time monitoring of payroll exceptions. Gone are the days where the payroll administrators have to spend significant time digging through countless error logs, spools, reports, diverse check tools, and often creating Excel lookups to find any payroll related errors.

Payroll Administrators

  • See all payroll processes on one calendar
  • Drill down into process view and take action (i.e., start payroll, initiate postings)
  • Validation rules point out potential errors

Payroll Process Managers

  • Easily create work packages for approval

Automatic Backpay Calculations

SyncPay automatically recalculates previous periods and adjusts the results accordingly based on employee master data changes prior to the current pay period. Retroactivity is one of the most useful and powerful features contained within SyncPay, and at the same time one of the most complex processes. Master data changes that are earlier than the current pay period dates trigger a retro payroll for an employee in the current payroll run. SyncPay recalculates all payroll periods starting with the earliest payroll period that is affected by this change and pays out or deducts the differences from the current payroll.

SyncPay Availability

SyncPay supports payroll processing out of the box in 41 countries, with localisation requirements such as tax calculations ensuring compliance no matter the country or region. Calendars with local holidays, time zones, and currencies,  information applicable to employees in their own language.

Click on region for specific country availability

SyncPay Service Offerings


  • Provision of application and hosting by Synchrony
  • Transformation into a standardised best practice cloud solution
  • Provision of application support and legal update management
  • Allows clients to retain processing of services in-house whilst minimising IT expenditure


  • All services contained within Enabling
  • Provision of managed services through Synchrony’s delivery capability
  • Transformation into a best practice operating model to support front-office staff
  • Allows clients to focus on strategic initiatives
  • Complements a client’s established process model, allowing client to retain face-to-face responsibility in-house


  • All services contained within Enabling and Managed
  • Provision of end-to-end services, including voice and data entry support
  • End-to-end business transformation, removing non-core, transactional work from a client’s operations, allowing increased focus on core and strategic functions


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One Time Setup Fee for SyncPay


Configuration of payroll solution based on standard SyncPay business rules (in addition to $640 setup fee for SyncExpressHR Option 1 deployment model)
All prices in USD *Minimum EE count of 50 #Based on 500 employees, monthly salaried, one payroll area, one legal entity