Your Personal Navigator Through the Cloud

With cloud adoption being more the norm rather than the exception, businesses are now embracing new systems and new functionality in an accelerated manner. Often only a fraction of the functionality that is made available to users is utilised, resulting in longer time to realise return on investment due to lower adoption rates than forecasted. SyncPilot, powered by WalkME, is Synchrony’s answer to driving user adoption and increasing user engagement levels, allowing companies to fully realise the investment they have made in cloud technology.

SyncPilot combines WalkMe’s enterprise-class interactive online guidance and engagement platform with Synchrony’s deep domain expertise in the HR market. Synchrony has created over 90 pre-packaged "SyncSteps" that guide users through the entire hire-to-retire process in real time, like a GPS system. Users will benefit from in-product step-by-step guidance to complete business processes and answer questions quickly and effectively.

Typical Business Challenges

Low User Adoption: Companies traditionally invest large amounts of money in expensive change programs to drive user adoption. When these programs are no longer running, often user adoption drops.

Introduction of new functionality: One of the benefits of adopting cloud technology is the innovation that customers can take advantage off. New functionality is released often every 3 months – and deploying this functionality becomes an ongoing challenge.

Increased Support Costs: Often cloud solutions allow organisations to move processes out to employees and managers to complete. This may result in an increased support burden on the organisation as these users will typically require support to execute these transactions if they have not been appropriately trained.

Data quality issues: Increased users of solutions will bring the risk that data quality issues are increased. Cloud solutions limit an organisations functionality in altering specific fields – which often results in the wrong values being entered or fields missed unintentionally – but may cause issues further down stream when interfaces or processes fail due to the missing data.

Onboarding new users: As new employees join an organisation, familiarising themselves with the myriad of systems and solutions available often is a daunting task – let alone knowing how to use the systems in detail. This will increase the time to being productive of new users with direct impact on companies Revenue and Costs.

Driving Value

SyncPilot addresses business challenges across a number of facets in the delivery of HR Services to your organisation:

  • Accelerate training: On-board and train employees faster, ensuring they successfully apply what they learn.
  • Increase system adoption and productivity: Drive user engagement with the system, maximizing the platform ROI
  • Improve user experience: Eliminate user confusion and improve overall satisfaction
  • Reduce support costs: Minimize errors, reduce support requests, and shorten support handling time to reduce overall cost of system ownership

SyncPilot comes pre-packaged with over 90 SyncSteps that provide guided GPS-like navigation across the entire hire-to-retire process. Synchrony bundles these processes with any purchase of SyncPilot. Minimal support is required to tailor these best-practice based SyncSteps to your specific configuration.