The Future of Digital Recruiting

As recruiting increasingly moves digital, three key concepts have emerged as important indicators in the field of recruitment: employer branding, big data, and analytics.   

According to HR in Asiaand a study conducted by LinkedIn, companies will focus on employer branding. Savvy candidates will not be attracted to apply or to respond from offers from companies that do not have strong, reputable brandings.  It has become increasingly important for businesses to achieve the “employer of choice” status from their employees.

The movement of recruitment practices from traditional to online has prompted the need to handle big data from digital resources. Knowing how to use online tools is different from crunching and analyzing data well. Data-driven recruitmentis a skill recruiters must possess to stay ahead of the curve.

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HR recruitment professionals must learn to analyze data from online profiles and convert them into intelligence. This is most useful in lead generation and lead nurturing, especially if employers are targeting high performers. Good data analysis can guide better decision-making throughout the recruitment process.

With these three things in mind, more and more, companies are turning towards digitizing their recruitment program to keep up with the candidates’ behavior and evolving recruitment process.

Synchrony Global’s comprehensive and accelerated recruiting solution module, Synchrony People Recruiting, addresses these recruitment challenges by providing recruiters an automated and mobile tool to realize that they could know more about prospects by screening their digital profiles than reading a printed résumé.  SyncExpress automated the recruitment process making it quicker to hire top talents.

In the Philippines, about 90 percent of recruitment professionalssay that it is candidates who drive recruiting. This is especially true for highly skilled talent and managerial levels. This shift in the hiring landscape means that recruiters need to update their skills to keep up with the growing and changing demands from both employers and employees.

Synchrony Global’s solution architects kept this in mind when they developed the Synchrony People Recruiting solution. This recruitment solution gives recruiters an effective tool for managing their recruitment process but also addresses talent retention once applicants are hired. Powered by SAP SuccessFactors, Synchrony People carries a trusted brand of proven technology innovation and comes with a suite of other HR modules that contains a core set of solid and unified talent management solutions that can easily be turned-on for organisations in just an average of 10 weeks.

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