Attracting Talent, It’s a Continuous Affair

Recruiting in today’s world has changed immensely. Employees and candidates have access to information at their fingertips that can enable them to make informed decisions about whether they want to work at an organisation or not, meaning that companies now need to focus on attracting talent to their organisation.

Employee Digital Adoption: Adapt or Perish

Synchrony Global’s ANZ General Manager Scott Davidson was recently interviewed by HRD (HumanResource Director) Australia on digital workforce trends, and how HR leaders can prepare their organisations and employees to adopt, and get maximum benefit out of, HRIS technology.

The True ROI of HRIS

This talk covers the changing role of HR leadership and the evolution of HR technology, the key drivers for HRIS transformation, and how to align HRIS investment to a business strategy.

HR Transformation: From Manual to Digital

Synchrony was featured in a recent article on digital HR transformation that looks at some key steps that should be taken in order to build a solid business case for creating a digitally focused HR team.

Payroll Transformation – Yes It’s Strategic! 

In the world of transformational HR where focus has shifted to strategic processes, one module is often overlooked. Payroll. What is the impact on your payroll solution when dealing with the dynamic environment that self-services and wider enterprise access brings?

HR Transformation: The Business Case

An HR transformation roadmap is based on a solution that allows an organisation to reduce transactional costs and refocus on strategic initiatives.

Setting Performance Goals

While a lot of HR processes will change depending on company size, when you are talking about performance and setting goals for a company, the same issues and risks come up time over time.

Technology in the Care Industry – An Inevitable Reality

The Aged Care sector in Australia is moving forward at a rapid pace as market demands create a the need for a more consumer-centric system, leading to a number of challenges, including aged care funding, investment sustainability and growth, changing consumer preferences, and workforce and skills requirements.

The Future of Digital Recruiting

As recruiting increasingly moves digital, three key concepts have emerged as important indicators in the field of recruitment: employer branding, big data, and analytics.