Synchrony's unique approach to HR delivery ensures that your people are aligned to your company objectives, and our solutions ensure that you attract, align, nurture and grow your talent strategically.

Increase Value to Business

Human resource departments with regularly updated HR systems strategies are twice as likely to be viewed by all levels of management as contributing strategic value, versus HR departments that have no HR systems strategy.

With our solutions you can attract the right talent to your organisation, align your people to your company goals, expand your organisation's capabilities, develop your team, retain top performers, and manage core processes efficiently.

Synchrony People

Your people are your most important asset. Synchrony People provides an out-of-the-box HR solution enabling you to focus on cultivating a culture of success throughout your organisation. Synchrony People enables you to attract the right talent, align that talent to your company’s goals, and reward your top performers. The solution provides end-to-end hire to retire lifecycle support through an amazing core HR platform, all with a user friendly approach.

Synchrony Payroll

Synchrony Payroll is our answer to the ever challenging environment of payroll management. Synchrony Payroll is a fully scalable cloud-based solution that is designed to be used for everyone, everywhere. Our user friendly interface results in quick adoption with minimal training effort. Fully integrated with the SAP SuccessFactors suite of solutions, Synchrony Payroll combines an automated approach to payroll management through the solution’s innovative Payroll Control Centre, with a fully harmonised user experience. 

Synchrony Engage

Synchrony Engage combines enterprise-class interactive online guidance and engagement with Synchrony’s deep domain expertise in the HR market. Synchrony has created over 90 pre-packaged steps that guide users through the entire hire-to-retire process in real time, like a GPS system. Users will benefit from in-product step-by-step guidance to complete business processes and answer questions quickly and effectively.