How Seamless Recruiting and Onboarding Systems Set Aged Care Facilities Up for Success

It’s time to face the facts – Australia has an ageing population. This reality brings an increased demand for high numbers of new staff members to enter aged care facilities in the near future. And, as a result, recruiting staff and setting them up correctly and seamlessly is becoming more important than ever.

In fact, this should be at the top of aged care facility’s change agendas.

Learn more about the role of technology in workforce planning

No pay? No onboarding? No thanks.
Currently, the aged care industry has very high staff turnover levels, with many facilities struggling to retain their staffing pool. Could this be to do with their payroll issues and clunky onboarding systems? Absolutely.

We all count down the days to the end of the month and definitely all want to be paid on time! So, new staff members who enter aged care facilities and aren’t set up correctly on payroll systems, and subsequently aren’t paid reliably, are more likely to up sticks and leave for another facility.

Plus, onboarding new staff members into a care facility is often a very manual process with multiple touch points across different departments such as IT, HR and finance. In many instances, processes or invaluable knowledge can be lost as staff leave facilities and the subsequent onboarding programs aren’t set up to capture this and pass it on to new staff who join the workforce.

In an industry where carers are highly sought after, it’s much easier for staff to be picky about which facility they work for – meaning that slip ups like this can cost aged care facilities their top-notch new talent.

Recruiting new staff members is costly to any business and if recruitment strategies aren’t smart and efficient it can cost a facility a lot of money (not to mention time).

Intelligent technologies could be the key
Technology can play a key role in both recruitment strategy and processes, and in helping facilities to onboard staff members efficiently. Intelligent technologies such as SAP SuccessFactorscan lead to better hiring strategies and streamlined onboarding procedures that stop critical processes or knowledge from falling through the cracks.

A growing number of aged care organisations are implementing automated timesheets, which enable more efficient payroll processes and timely client billing.

One success story is Illawarra Retirement Trust Group(IRT), who implemented SAP SuccessFactors’ employee central module in February 2017. They integrated this with a new payroll system to improve their cost of service and digital efficiency standards. Efficiencies delivered through business excellence have actually led to IRT enjoying annual savings of $740,000.

Certain HR systems can also allow aged care facilities to track the time and attendance of their staff members; to monitor and streamline each staff member’s personal performance and goals; to log the shifts that they are working; to accurately record compensation; and to provide collaboration tools that increase a worker’s job satisfaction and motivation.

Having quick and nimble technological solutions for recruitment, onboarding and payroll will give facilities a competitive edge and make them more attractive to potential new staff members – who receive an effortless introduction to their new role and improved job satisfaction. In such a tight labour pool where demand for new skilled staff is increasing, there’s no denying that these systems are invaluable.

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