Synchrony Global Continues Expansion to Malaysia

KUALA LUMPUR – Synchrony Global, a leading provider of Human Capital Management solutions in the Asia Pacific region, is now ready to extend its services as it opens a local delivery centre in Malaysia today.

“We are holding true to our promise of being accessible to all our partners and clients in the Asia Pacific region as we help them align their own businesses by arming them with the right technology and HR strategy.  Today, we are extremely glad to launch Synchrony Global’s presence in Malaysia.  This is part of Synchrony Global business plan to be present in key countries across the world.” says Darcy Mark Lalonde, Synchrony Global Chairman and CEO.

Malaysia’s economy is performing well despite recent uncertainty over certain aspects of the political and financial landscape.  The country has its rich culture and is known to be one of South East Asia’s more resilient business hubs – with a key focus on a strong pool of local talent.  The promise of economic progress is still real and Synchrony Global recognizes the continuing potential for corporate growth especially in the HR and human capital realm.

“Malaysia attracts a number of large corporations.  It has a literate, young and largely urban population, which equates to a healthy labour market.” adds Lalonde. “A number of global businesses open offices in the country as Malaysia provides a high quality transport network, with well-connected ports via inland transport to major economic hubs and neighbouring countries.  It is a great investment strategy to open an office in the country.  It allows us to expand regionally and be of close proximity with our clients in this part of the world.”

Darcy Lalonde has done business in Malaysia for over 15 years.  In his previous company, he launched a successful delivery center that grew to over 200 workforce count in a 5-year period.  His current business plan for Synchrony Global espouses a bigger vision of expansion, setting up local delivery centers and centers of excellence in major cities across the globe.

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