Synchrony Global Launches Synchrony Payroll in Australia

SYDNEY –  Synchrony Global, a leading provider of HR services and solutions focused on helping organisations top aligning their business, has today launched its innovative, high quality payroll solution Synchrony Payroll in the Australian market.

Synchrony Payroll in Australia is based on Payroll Metrics built for the cloud solution. The Payroll Metrics solution is intuitive, provides users greater control that minimizes IT technical support and supports innovative solutions for Employee and Managers Self Services for Payroll and Time solutions.

“With Payroll Metrics, Synchrony Global can now provide a strong payroll solution for our clients in the Australian Market. Payroll Metrics team of payroll specialists have been developing payroll software for more than two decades and their network in servicing SMEs in Australia is expansive. Their platform expertise provides our clients a solution that can bring peace of mind when ensuring their employees are paid on time and accurately,” said Scott Davidson, Synchrony Global Managing Director for Australia.

This partnership now extends the Synchrony Payroll solution across more than 10 countries in the Asia Pacific region including Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines – with plans to further extend this geographic coverage in the next 12 months. Synchrony Payroll is a fully scalable solution that can provide payroll for companies ranging from less than 50 employees to greater than 10,000 employees – that is localized to country requirements including any taxes, social insurances, pensions and associated reporting.

Payroll Metrics software improves the efficiency of payroll offices giving them time to engage more effectively with the organisations especially to small and medium scale enterprises.

“We remain committed in our mission to provide payroll and workforce management software integrated into a homogenous set of payroll programs to achieve peak efficiency,” said Greg McManus, Payroll Metrics Managing Director.

“Our software enables payroll offices to achieve top-performer status by streamlining and even bypassing processes they have to perform today,” added McManus. “What’s more, our software helps improve customer service levels by allowing more time to work with their organisations in achieving best results from their service delivery management. Our partnership with Synchrony Global is underpinned their strong pedigree in service delivery – with a high focus on customer satisfaction and service levels.”

A key tenant of Synchrony’s solutions and services is to promote HR transformational change to enable HR professionals to focus on becoming a strategic partner within their organizations. By providing a payroll solution and service that is efficient and risk free, HR professionals can re-focus on managing the most important asset of their companies, their people.

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