Synchrony Global Expands SME Payroll Solution to 41 Countries

SINGAPORE – Synchrony Global, a leading provider of cloud HCM solutions in the Asia-Pacific region and a founding member of the ASA Global Alliance, today announced that Synchrony Payroll, the company’s payroll solution aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises, is available in 41 countries worldwide through a key partnership agreement with SAP. Synchrony Payroll will now be based on SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central Payroll, the industry leading cloud-based payroll solution.

Synchrony has opted to adopt the SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central Payroll solution as their go-to offering in the SME industry due to the solution’s combination of proven technology, latest innovations, and service delivery. Being fully integrated with the SAP SuccessFactors suite of solutions, Synchrony Payroll will combine an automated approach to payroll management through the solution’s innovative Payroll Control Centre, with a fully harmonised user experience. Synchorny Payroll will now be available as an add-on module to the Synchrony People HR Solution Suite.

Synchrony Payroll is a fully scalable solution, suitable for business of all sizes, from small business to large enterprises. The solution grows as a company grows, providing flexibility and added functionality as an organisation’s needs change. Capitlising on the company’s years of payroll experience including deployments of SAP’s on-premise payroll solution and SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central Payroll to companies ranging from 15 Employees through to 180,000 Employees, Synchrony has developed a robust, flexible template based solution that provides between 80-90 percent of a client’s requirements out-of-the-box. This enables an accelerated deployment approach that is cost effective and can have a system ready to test and deploy to employees and managers in 30 days. The intuitive software gives users greater control, minimising the need for extensive technical support and provides employees and managers the tools to self-service payroll processes.

Synchrony Payroll is bundled with one of Synchrony’s three service offerings, ranging from the base-level Enabling Service that ensures a fully legislative compliant solution and ongoing support, through to the Comprehensive Service where Synchrony’s team of payroll experts will act as an extension of a client’s organisation, providing voice and data support in addition to payroll administration services. Furthermore, Synchrony Payroll will come pre-packaged with Synchrony Engage, our digital adoption platform, and SpinifexIT’s  set of productivity tools that produce more meaningful reports and documents and increase the effectiveness of payroll offices without costly custom development.

“We believe that top-of-the-line HR and payroll management solutions should not be limited to large enterprises,” said Mike Ellis, Synchrony Global’s Chief Commercial Officer. “Synchrony Payroll improves the efficiency of payroll offices, giving them time to engage more effectively within the organisation, regardless of the size of that organisation.”

A key tenant of Synchrony’s solutions and services is to promote HR transformational change to enable HR professionals to focus on becoming a strategic partner within their organisations. By providing a payroll solution and service that is efficient and risk free, HR professionals can re-focus on managing the most important asset of their companies, their people.

“We are constantly seeking new ways to innovate and accelerate the process of user adoption for the HCM solutions we provide to our clients,” said Synchrony Global Chairman and CEO Darcy Lalonde. “Synchrony Payroll is a great tool for providing an efficient payroll solution to the small and medium enterprise market.”

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About Synchrony Global
Synchrony Global is a leading provider of innovative and transformational HR solutions and services to local, regional and global organisations across the world. Synchrony Global optimises HR services through innovative technology and robust operational cloud services. The company’s service delivery framework caters to the entire employee lifecycle from attract to hire to retire.

Synchrony Global is headquartered in Singapore, with a global delivery centre in Manila, and offices in Kuala Lumpur, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Auckland.

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